My Second Mother

Ate Mariche Escudero Yamson Thuen

She’s almost like a mother to me. But she’s actually my cousin. Her maiden name is Mariche Escudero Yamson. She is the eldest grand daughter in my father’s side. That’s why she became our Ate and has big influence on the lives of the Escudero’s angels. Personally, she has really a big impact on my life. I remember when I was still on my Elementary years, Grade 6 to be exact, I let her sign my autograph. Some information’s she wrote which I can remember are these:

Motto: In God there’s nothing impossible

Like/Dislike: Kind/ those who criticize

She’s my ideal person in many ways. First and foremost on how she spends her time as if she has time for everything or for everybody she knew which I find hard. I’m also amaze with how she was able to reach everything that she has now.

I’ve been to many places because of her. And we’ve shared a lot moments in each place. Ofcourse, in  Salvacion San Agustin, Surigao del Sur, the best place where we can stay to relax and be with our Escudero family. We always stay on the room of our grandfather, lying in bed with mosquito net together with our other cousins. Then afterwards, somebody will knock and deliver snacks. hahaha.  We’ve also been to Mangagoy, Bislig City in our Uncle’s house. I can’t forget the time when we eat barbeque on the street together with my cousins and my sister. After her graduation in college, she stay in Cebu with her husband. Ofcourse the bonding continued. I and my sister lived with them in Cebu for 2 months with our other cousins (her sisters).

Time come when she need to move in Norway to live with her husband. So we were left, but still the bonding with the rest of Escudero’s angels is still on track but a little different because she’s already absent with some of our celebrations.

She was like a mother to me especially when I entered my college life. She became my financer. As in financer jud kaau. She was the one who pay my tuition fee’s and provided me with some of my things that I need and want. Aside from that, I am very lucky for having her as my cousin because she is different among my family. She is the kind of person I know I can open up my problems. Even if she already had her own family, I don’t find myself being hesitant with sharing small things to her. Like sharing my favorite songs or what had happen to me at school with my friends or my funny experiences during my vacation. Everytime she go back here in Phils. We surely had special moments here in Davao and in our province.

I wan to be like my Ate Mariche someday. I want to be as happy as she is and lovely as she is. In the future, I would also like to be a good mother as she is.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you Te for everything. Sa tanan te, maski badlungoni ako. Dayaw gani ikaw ang eng assign ni God na magpa skwela kanak, kay inday haw ang upod, okey ra agaw pero punoe daan ako ng anxieties.  Lahi sa gud sa kanmo te kay way hindrance ba kung uno gusto ko e express. Siguro kay comfortable aq kadayaw tungod sa mga bondings ta. How I wish, mahitabo da sab iyang magkakaton kita sa kwarto ni Papa, na magsakaysakay ako sa siki mo, na mag tuya tuya (kunay isab badihi ra aq,hehe) tapos mag ayo dayon si ante Helena ,or te delma or te flox kay maghatod ng snack.heheheh. But time flies so fast and I’m growing up. I don’t know hain ako pasingud te after graduation but gusto ko magpasalamat sa tanan blessing na ya share mu kanak. I guess enough isab tanan ang yahatag mo para makaya ko na ebalik kanmo or mapsalamatan kaw man lamang maski gamay. Thank you and I love so much my Ate Mariche.

P.S: liwatihay raba kuno aq knmo in many physical ways..ahahaha..apir teh!mwah!


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