Now of Yesterday

Yesterday & Now

photo credits here🙂

I already let go

Feeling so blue

I already go through

Walking without you

Finally I am alone

In a world which is unknown

Getting used to this situation

I realized to finally moved on

Now that I’m almost done

You suddenly came for fun

Since feeling was not fully gone

All over again I began

Before you’re just too typical

Now you’re already unusual

You wanted us to be formal

So I feel like everything is abnormal

I thought it was all a dream

But is this for real that you came?

‘Coz I wished to forget your name

But the thing is, I’m still the same

Yes there’s always time for everything

So many days that is exhausting

Just understand the value of waiting

To have a heart that’s keep on growing




P.S. 1- the picture above shows the changes that happened in the poem. In the past (first picture), feelings we’re kept and was not express. But as of this moment everything has change. My special someone leads the way.:-). Everything has been said and we are now more open to a lot of things we can’t talk in the past.

P.S. 2- I made this poem last June 18, 2010 @ 1:22am


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