Missing the Morning

I have decided to make a lot of changes. Ofcourse i want to start it with my self. I realized this when one day I’m choosing what to wear for school only to observe that  I can’t already wear most of my dress. My shirts are too small for me, as well as the pants. In other words, I’m really gaining weight. I mean, I’m already aware of it but it’s this time that really force me to start a healthy life. I think the amount of food intake, matters a lot. So I should discipline my self, second is to work out or exercise, and the last which is the hardest part for me, is to get enough sleep. And you know what happened?

Last Wednesday July 21, 2010, I decided to start start this change with my friend Cyndie and my cousin Ate Jasmin. I wake up at 5am, kaon gamay hehe and went to peoples park where we are going to have our stretching, walking and jogging.

As I walk to the park, I realized I miss a lot of things in the morning. Maybe it’s because it’s my earliest time to wake up ever, just to have an exercise, I never had serious exercise before. Because I’m too lazy and I feel like I’ll even get bigger because after the work out I go to sleep. During this day, I witness how the sunlight shines the world. I saw a lot of people most especially children and high school student. I realized I miss being like them who wake up early because high school classes are early. And the last thing I realized that I miss, is the breakfast at the exact time. It’s more delicious and is good for our body eating on time. After the exercise, we decided to continue doing it every morning and I set my mind to really work on it if I wanted to loose weight. Hopefully I can achieve this go. Here’s some of our pictures during the work out:

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yesterday was my fourth day of living healthy hahahah and I registered to the I Choose Wellness program of Nestle. I think it’s a big challenge for me because the more you join to their activities which are free, you earn ponits and the more you can win great prizes heheh. Heres my picture with the I.D and passport:

It’s a very big motivation for me. Their theme goes like this, BE FIT! EARN POINTS! WIN PRIZES!

So I think that’s all for now. I should get 6- 8 hours of sleep everyday. Goodluck to me! I’ll just update for the changes if naa ahahah.


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