When I was Away

photo credits.

Hello! I’m so happy to be back. 🙂 After everything that happened it’s good that I’m now able to give some of my time for my blog. One thing I got busy with and still busy, hehe is my Thesis subject. I remember during our first class in this subject my teacher said “Thesis is one of the most terrifying subjects…”. Well I guess, my teacher is right but as long as you’ll have a good communication  with your  group mates, I think you’ll have a good output. Another thing is that, I was so anxious with everything that happened in our house and in school. I don’t know why but every time I feel something with people here in house, I have observed that I’m also anxious at school. I preferred not to blog yet because I wanted to have enough time with my self. Reflecting my actions, thoughts and other factors that affect my behavior. Unfortunately, I guess I was in the wrong way reflecting with my self, because I’m always TULALA and sometimes I forget to pray. Another thing is, I’m also being bothered with someone special in my life. It is because I think there are many things we have to talk about but because of time and distance we can’t. All of these are contributory factors why I can’t give enough time to blog.

Right now, I’m not yet okay. But I’m happy, I was able to right this despite of mixed emotions I feel. So I guess, that’s all about when I was away.:-)


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