Somebody with Silver in his Hair and Gold in his Heart

That’s Papa. Not my biological father but Papa- my Lolo Suwet (Grandfather). I honestly don’t know where to start. But first, thank you is all that I can say. Thank you for instead eating the food, you restore it because you know I’m coming. Thank you for instead spending your money, you’d rather give it to me even how small or big it is. Thank you for when you passed by you don’t forget to say Hano? Ok ra kaw? Pagpa tv agaw kaan. And Thank you for carrying me and bringing my slippers everytime we pass by the river. (mahadok baya aq idtong iso pa ako basta mahidalitay sa suba agaw sa dagat ang siki q). I may not know all that you have sacrificed just for me to buy what I want or need and to be comfortable, but I know you have sacrificed a lot and it means a lot to me and your other Apo’s. You became a father to me. You have provided what Tatay could have also given to me. Thank you so much Pa for everything, everything because you always support me in everything that I want to do. I can’t even remember any situation in my life that you scolded me. You always stay calm in giving opinions, ideas and advices. That’s why you are looking younger than your age. I’m serious.

Pa, after school, I want to give more of my time with you. I want to be with you at places I want to go. And I want to say thank you for the love and care that you continue to show and give to me. You are the best ever Papa in the world.  Papa ng lahat ng Escudero. The best Lolo ever. I love you. Mwah!

More photos together with my Lolo Suwet:

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