I’ll published my wish list earlier so Santa would have enough time to think about this. =). Last year, Santa granted 7 out of my 9 wishes. I’m sure it’s a good news for those who don’t believe to Santa’s existence.=)

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North Polar – Santa Claus

P.O. Box 56099

North Pole, Alaska 99705-1099

Dear Santa,

Hello Santa, it’s me again, Julie Ann. I guess you already know me because it’s my second time sending you a letter. I would like to thank you for granting almost all of my wishes last year. Here I am again, full of wishes and prayers for this coming 2010 Christmas celebration.=)

These are my wishes and some of them are my birthday wishes to.

1) apple Tablet pc or hp touch screen Laptop: either of the 2

2) vacation in surigao del sur this sembreak or after graduation with extended team (sponsor for their STAY)

3) that important persons in my life can attend my graduation day (Lolo, Lola, Nanay, Sister, Uncles, Aunties, Cousins esp: Ate Che)

4) that I, Lotis and Myssa can attend each others graduation day

5) outing of SAHS Batch 07 @ Pugad after the 50th anniversary celebration of SAHS

6) outing with family @ Tinuy-an Falls Bislig, Surigao del Sur (kanus pa man q kaadto..huhuh)

7) from Bislig, hopefully I and my family could also visit  Enchanted River @ Hinatuan, Surigao del Sur (taga SDS raq pero wapa jud q kakita ani)

8) new bra: brand: Triumph

9) Flash Drive with memory higher than 2 gig (ASAP)

10) dinner with family and friends on my 19th birthday

11) bedroom slippers

12) skinny jeans size 28/29 (not necessarily branded or expensive)

13) dress (not necessarily branded or expensive)

14) Canon SD 450 digital camera

15) most especially good health and peace of mind to my family and friends

I still have a lot of wishes on my mind but I think that’s all for now. Di na maigo sa Sako ni

P.S: d address above is true. or you can email santa @


To all my friends out there, plls check the wish list above. Basi naa ka ma afford. For delivery, just text me on my number 09287704681, I’ll send u my address.

Merry Christmas to all!


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