Holy Cross of Davao College celebrated it’s Intramural last December 14-17, 2009. One of the events is the Thematic Design Competition. Each department presented their entry. And it is a very big privilege to be the representative of Psychology Department to explain our entry.



Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to present the thematic design of Psychology Department.

A portable source of fire used as a source of light, the TORCH. The torch held up symbolizes life, truth and the regenerative power of flame and the everlasting burning desire of psychology department to achieve success in this competitive event and to affect a positive change. The hands holding up the torch represents stewardship, a life style the reflects who we are and what we believe. Each hand wears a WRIST BAND in different colors which represents that even though we belong to different department, different team; through the value of genuine stewardship, we will also achieve the true essence of sportsmanship. The first wrist band which is in color blue is associated with depth and stability. That becoming a steward is becoming intimate with God. The next wrist band is in color yellow which is associated with happiness, intellect and energy. That through sport, a true steward knows how to respect and promote peace in a particular game. Another is the color red wrist band which is associated with determination as well as passion, desire and love. That means a steward has a concrete action that is sustainable and workable. And finally the last steward wearing the white wrist band symbolizes an individual that possesses the value of discipleship. It is through discipleship that we can express the power to change how we understand and live out our lives.

The FIRE represents the creativity and passion that all intellectual and emotional beings have and of course the everlasting burning desire of Psychology Department to achieve success and affect a positive change. Surrounding the fire are the different colors of RIBBON which represents each department or team of this intramural. We use ribbon to symbolize unity. Pieces of ribbon are used as symbols of support or awareness for various social causes. By tying ribbons we can create a single piece of it. And this shows that through friendship, we as genuine steward of God should be a faithful manager of what belongs to another one who is responsible in doing best towards this intramural and is open to winning or even losing. Thank you.

P.S. 1- I would like to thank my friend Ketch and Xalem because without them, dili mahimo ang among thematic design. Though I maid the whole concept, it was them who spend time to create this.

P.S. 2- Among the 12 contestants, we won as 8th placer for this event.. Congratulations to the Psych Dept


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