Before I’ll discuss anything else, i would like to introduce to you the subject of this post. He is Mr. Rolando Sancho my Rizal minor subject Professor. DUGAY NAQ NI XA NA MEET NGA AQNG TEACHER KAY PAGSUGOD SA KLASE ABSENOT MAN. MGA 1 WEEK SA WALA NSULOD. NYA FIRST DAY PA JUD NGA PAG ADTO NYA SAMU ROOM, NAA LNG XA SA PULTAHAN NAG PRAY NYA NAG GUDBYE CLASS NPUD DAUN .hehehe.

Honestly, Sir Sancho do not always meet our class. He would just inform a S.A. that we’ll just have an attendance. It was that time when I felt that what he’s doing is UNFAIR for us as student because we’re paying for our tuition but he do not often come in our class.


Hes way of teaching is unique, (di jud ka katulog). He is also known as a MODERN PHILOSOPHER (according to him-peace). Siya rin ang taong ayaw ng stress. That’s why we don’t get pressured when it comes to our class but as what i have observed, WE DON’T GET PRESSURED BUT WE’RE STRIVING FOR THE BEST (role playing in Noli; i belonged in ate senoy’s group w/c is the best example of what i’ve said ’striving for d best’). Yan yong pinaka natutunan ko kay Sir. Binibigay nya lahat pero di lumaki ulo nmin.

He’s a good coach. A responsible single father to his daughters. And a man of principle. Daghan kau kag na ingon sir nga nkapa enlighten sa imung mga estudyante labina saq. Ana pka “WHEN YOU START IT RIGHT, YOU WILL END UP RIGHT”.

Kbalo bka sir, kung wala ka, dili ko ka adtog Samal. First time man to naq, hahahahah. ana ka BAWAL MGKUHA UG MASKI UNSA DIDTO SA SAMAL PERO NAGDALA JUD KOG BATO. ALA Q NAGSABA, KAY FIRST TIME MAN GUD NQ.(PEACE SIR)

Sir, I am looking forward nga mabasa nmu ning aqng post. It would be a great privilege nga mkita nmu aqng post bsag wrong grammar aqng English.hehehe.

The JOURNEY was wonderful and it was really memorable for me. Yes! you read it right JOURNEY. Because according to Sir Sancho, LIFE IS NOT A DESTINATION, IT’S A JOURNEY. Ang buhay ay wheather2 lang. Ang bawat araw ay nagtatakipsilim But there will always be another day. OH DBA SIR? HAWUD KAU Q NOH? NAMINAW JUD Q. HAHAHAH. MEMORIZE NQ IMUNG MGA LINYA.

March 20, 2009 was our last meeting but Sir Sancho will meet again his new classes next semester and as well as I will meet new teachers next semester. So that’s life, a JOURNEY.

I think I’ll just end up here. Unta sir mabasa nmu ni. Cute kau atong picture sir. Makita naq aqng tatay sa imu sir. Kay dakong tao pud to. Preha mo murag higante. Swerte kau imung mga anak sa imuha sir. ug kaw pud swerte sa ila.

P.S.– nai prediction si sir sancho nga SOMEDAY HUMAN BEINGS WILL BE THE SOURCE OF SURVIVAL. Ug gusto xa maghimu ana nga business. Human beings nga pagakaon.HARsh noh???
P.S 2: this is from my fs account: posted last march 21, 2009

To my classm8s: kita kita lng ta sa campus..Mi ultimo adios..


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