Last November 17, 2010 – December 3, 2010 we had our internship for Clinical Setting at KAAKBAY Rehabilitation Center located at Peace Avenue Street, Bangkal, Davao City.


KAAKBAY stands for Kapansanan Ay Akibat sa Kaunlaran ng Bayan. For this setting mala nurse ang dating ko hehe. Feel ko naman masyado ang uniform. Eto oh:

This center focuses more of people with developmental disorders and this includes problems in terms of cognitive, behavioral, fine motor skills, interpersonal relationship, communication, and activities of daily living. To address these problems, the center focuses on occupational therapy, physical therapy and special education. As a psychology intern, I was given a chance to be assigned to Occupational therapy class and special education for adolescent’s class. “Occupational therapy aims to  help client achieve a fulfilled and satisfied state of life through the use of “purposeful activity or interventions designed to achieve functional outcomes which promote health, prevent injury or disability and which develop, improve, sustain or restore the highest possible level of independence.”

We were oriented first with the history about Kaakbay and most importantly the common behavior of the clients and basic information’s on how to approach them. I have learned that children with developmental disorders have common sensory problems like tactile, vestibular and proprioception problems. Tactile problem is a condition in which children perceive all types of touches as dangerous it also includes with how they taste foods. Vestibular problem has something to do with movement and balance while proprioception problem is a condition which has something to do with our awareness of our posture, movement, weight in relation to the environment or simply where we are in space. Fortunately, we were given the chance to handle the clients in their scheduled classes with minimal supervision from the teachers. It was very challenging performing our duty. I was very keen in observing the process or the routine of the teachers in handling the clients starting from receiving them from their parents, removing shoes, giving sensory integration like massaging them, and do the activity. The hardest part I think is dealing with their problems in terms of compliance and attention. We have to observe proper verbal prompts the negative and positive ones. I also experience giving an oral massage to one of my clients who has drooling problem. Another significant experience is dealing with a client who is deaf and mute and the very challenging clients who is fund of touching other’s breast and an 8 year old client who is 6 months in his developmental age. Another thing I have learned to do which is very useful in my future profession is making a case report. Our format is a mental status exam which we defended to the in charge of occupational therapy who was very particular in every detailed of our work.

Each day of experience contribute and help me a lot to be a better teacher with the coming day. It was I think first three days of duty that I consider as heavy days. Feeling anxious and nervous to make mistakes or cause children to tantrum. The next days were the best days. The sense of comfortability was present. Feeling nervous and other negative emotions were change to positive ones. Being with clients especially when they were able to follow minor or major instructions provides the feeling of happiness. While being with clients who can’t follow instructions easily most of the time inspires me a lot and gives me challenge to gain more patience and give them extra attention and time.

The experience was very fulfilling. I would say that I never regretted that we were brought in Kaakbay to spend our training. Aside from the happiness that the clients brought, it’s also nice to be surrounded by people who are ready to help you. My training as psychology student will be considered the pinnacle of my college education and I think my Kaakbay training would be leading among my trainings. Not all interns are given the chance to handle with clients in their own. So I think I am lucky enough to be an intern of this organization. I look forward for more improvement of this organization especially to its facilities so that it may continue to provide help to people under their care. As an intern, I would like to thank everyone in Kaakbay for this very great experience most especially to Teach Christian and Teach Lenie who inspires me a lot to do well in my work and hopefully be like them someday who were very passionate in their work.



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