With the help of Ma’am Charisma Tormis of PMHA-Davao I and my duty mates were assigned at PDICC.

Paginhawaan Drop-in Center for Children (PDICC) was established in response to the emerging needs of children proliferating in the streets. PDICC serve as their alternative home rather than sleeping elsewhere. The center only caters street boys below 18 years old, abandoned and neglected children, children with emotional and behavioral problems, victims of illegal recruitment (boys), maltreated, exploited, abused, standees’ with children, other children in need of special protection.
This internship have imparted values that have made me a better psychology student and most especially as a person. For two weeks exposure, I became a teacher to them but I would say that they have also given a lot more learning’s to me. I have realized that the simplest and valuable thing you can give to a child is time. Through asking him/her with little questions like their favorite color, their hobby or any little questions you would be able to establish rapport and they will feel worth listening to. Another thing to make them feel that you are interested to them is also being like a child. Playing with them is one of the best things we can do but as an intern I always remind my self to remain kind but firm in order not to tolerate them. There are times when I feel like irritated with their behavior but having enough patience is necessary. How I relate or treat them has also something to do with how the relate towards me. Considering the construction of my sentences is also very important.
As a psychology student, these learning’s would surely be applicable to future field of work. Not just towards the children but as well as to other people especially those who have problems with their relationship to other people. As an intern, I would suggest that the staff of the center must work hand in hand to develop programs and conduct more activities that would benefit the children.

More pictures from the training=)>

P.S. – perting hilakkk gyud namu afer the duty sa center.. i’ll be missing the kids. =( Thank you so much PDICC for the best experience.

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