SCHOOL SETTING O.J.T (Counseling & Psych. Testing & Admin)

Location: University of Mindanao

This  internship provides the chance to apply the theories I have learned from my major subjects specifically in psychological testing and administration and guidance and counseling. In line with psychological testing and administration, my experience focuses on tagging names to student’s personal data inventory, tallying student’s personal data, administering and interpreting a psychological test. From these experiences, I was able to recognize and understand how a psychological test as an instrument would help students, parents of the students, teachers as well as the improvement of a certain institution or school. Through psychological test results, psychometricians would be able to assess wealth of information on effective study habits for students, effective ways of teaching skills for teachers, etc. This enhances student school performance and reveals maximum learning potential. A psychometrician is responsible for administering and interpreting a psychological test through this psychometricians will become a channel to the guidance counselors as to what programs can be proposed that would become a response to students needs.

In terms of counseling, we have instructed by Mr. San Juan, the guidance counselor of Criminology Department to entertain those criminology students who will enter the guidance office to ask clearance for them to enter their classes. This process is only exercised by the criminology department only. It happens when criminology students commits two consecutive absences in their classes. They needed a clearance from the guidance office in order for them to enter their class. We were taught by Mr. San Juan with some techniques how to deal with the students during the interview. Our tone of voice is always considered we can make it lower for them to feel that we value confidentiality. I have learned that Counselors approach would vary with student’s behavior. In my experience with criminology students, giving them an impression that we are in authority is important. Mr. San Juan said that this is one way for them to value discipline as what the criminology department of UM is strictly imposed.

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