Today I planned to just stay home whole day and never think about job hunting. I woke up at 9:50am and eat my breakfast. I then turn on the television to watch my favorite show entitled Showtime. I also turned on the computer to check my accounts and as usual to just surf and surf the internet. While enjoying the show on the tv suddenly my phone rings and the number that appeared on the screen is not registered on my  phonebook so I was expecting it was an employer and Yes I was right. I was scheduled for an interview today at exactly 1:00pm. So I was on hurry then to prepare. I took a bath, brush my teeth, wear my corporate attire, wear some make up, feel beautiful and review my written notes about my answers for possible job interview questions. 30 minutes before 1:00pm I already took the ride on a jeepney going to the interview. Finally I reach their office at 12:52pm. I was given a form to fill up and after that I waited until 2:45 pm before I was interviewed. Honestly, I didn’t like the interview or I should say the interviewer. She did not even smile and she sit down while crossing her arms as if I am not welcome or I don’t know maybe she’s just tired. Whatever! She sound so serious I mean like she didn’t give anyway for me to feel comfortable. Not like with my previous job interviews which just flow very cool. (Sigh!)

I don’t know what exactly I felt after but one thing for sure is I’m not happy. And what’s the relief? Hahahahaha. Ofcourse my favorite> FOOD TRIP!

So I decided to go to the nearest Jollibee and bought some. It’s my first time to buy their chicken burger. I decided to try it just to compare to Mcdonalds’ chicken burger.

Then I ride the jeepney going home. When I reach home a friend of mine arrive. Yeah! Monica is in the house! heheheeh.

And she’s the other relief aside from the food. hehehe. We eat together and share our thoughts. . . Thanks Monica for the sharings and for the Siopao. (wasn’t able  to took pic with the siopao) hehehe.

Good day!


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