Town Fiesta 2011

August 28 is the feast day of our patron St. Augustine in San Agustin, Surigao del Sur. Every fiesta is a home coming for most of Augustinians so I don’t wanna miss the event. Aside from the delicious foods to be prepared, I always look forward  seeing my family and friends. This time I invited my college friend Monica to come with me. After so many times of asking permission to her parents to come to our place, finally she was allowed to go with me.  So here’s our journey to my hometown San Agustin, Surigao del Sur.

DAY 1- August 26, 2011

Departure time: around 1pm @ Davao Ecoland Bus Terminal

We preferred the 2 rides route for a lesser fare. Dvo-Agusan route first for only 245php as a regular fare.

North bound (Tagum City highway)

this was taken at San Francisco Agusan Bus Terminal. We are riding the second route Sanfranz-Tandag.

Monic meets Cherryl a cousin and a classmate of mine who was also riding the same bus with us. This was taken when we reach San Agustin @ around 7:00pm.

And we're home. Monic meets mom and grandma.

Dinner time.

after dinner, I surprised my highschool friends about Monic but they also had surprise for ours. They also brought some of their college friends. So the party started!

DAY 2- August 27, 2011 – BISPERAS DAY! (day before fiesta)

Uncles and the slaughtered Carabao. A preparation for fiesta celebration.

Parade..early morning.

making desserts with Uncle, Auntie, little cousins and Monic

a mass was celebrated at around 5pm. Monic and I had the chance to have pic with Msgr. Nerio P. Odchimar the bishop of the Diocese of Tandag and the present president of Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines. Lucky us!

(from left to right) Bernard, Cherryl, Monic and Mario outside our Church. Monic together with my batchmates in Surigao.

after the mass, we went to the house of my childhood friend and a neighbor named Victoria who just visit Philippines for atleast every after 2 years because she's staying in Germany. I miss this girl!

dinner time. Monic is eating the food we called LAOYA. Atraditional food every fiesta in our town. The fiesta won't be complete without this food. I do not know the story behind this tradition honestly but it's one of the reasons why visitors come. It's made of carabao meat cooked almost like Bulalo.

baking. . .with Auntie Belma.

night show by Pilipinas Got Talent semi finalists and performers from Dvo City. Friends and I had fun.

DAY 3- August 28, 2011   HAPPY FIESTA SAN AGUSTIN!!!

after ,ass. . .(from left to right)- Mario, Monic and Maiko

delicious breakfast. Monic was very full this time.

Christening of Cristel the cute baby of my highschool friend Estila. So happy for Estila and her baby girl.

Visitors during fiesta. There you go Monic! so busy. . .

feelin' the fresh air at our terrace after eating a lot of carbohydrates. hahahah. so full! burp!

cleaning at the second floor. Thanks so much Monic for the help.

Swimming time at San Agustin Beach. This was around 2:30pm.

and the crowd goes wild!!! My friends don't wanna miss the fiesta also so from different places they come to celebrate with Augustinians. I am so happy also that it was during this time that Monic had a good start of bonding with my friends especially the girls.

we were at the beach which is near the park until 7:oopm

 DAY 4- August 29, 2011

early morning..we woke up early to prepare for the outing at Boslon Island together with the entire gang!!! Excited much!

breakfast time and preparing our food for the outing.

on our way to Brgy. Bretania (I'll be posting a different story about this place)

riding pump boat going to Boslon Island.

WE RUN THE WORLD!!!! except...ehemm joke!

boys...highschool batch mates and the seminarians. Mario's classmate in seminary.

Group Picture we like!!!!

Monica at Boslon Island

lunch time! this is what I love with Filipinos. we can always eat in a cowboy way.

exploring the islands. we had a chance to go to other islands since it's low tide that time.

(left to right)lucejin-ramfel-myssa-shiela ann-me-jusel-cherryl-monica

feelin' d wave...yeah!

my family was also at the boslon island during our outing with my here's a capture of our moments together..

Monic's power pause!!!

DAY 5- August 30, 2011

4:00am we offer a serenade to our friend Estila who is celebrating her birthday. This has been our tradition called Manianita where birthday songs are offered to the celebrant early morning. I'm happy for Monic who was able to experience this for the first time.

Group picture before snacks! (very early snack) hehe..

around 6:00am after celebrating Estila's birthday I asked Monica and my friends to go with me for a picture taking at St. Augustines statue for a remembrance.

at around 10:00am we go to the place of my Grandfather whom I called Papa (father). This is Salvacion which is one of the barangay's in San Agustin.

Unending swimming! yeaheyy! @ Salvacion Beach.

Low tide in Salvacion.

taking a bath at our water well. I'm lovin' the fresh water.

Monic and me at the cemetery to visit my father before leaving Salvacion

Monic's last night at Surigao. So happy that until this time my friends are still present and ready to mingle even how exhausting the activities each of us had.

DAY 6- August 31, 2011

Grandmother and Mom with Monic and me. A remembrance for a wonderful journey.

Looking forward to welcoming you gain at home.

The journey was exhausting kaya mas lalong sumaya kasi kahit pagod na pagod na pagod na basta party party pupunta at pupunt parin ako kahit drain na si Monica. peace Ni. Mwah!


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