Wish me luck!

This coming October 16, 2011 I will be taking a career service examination or the professional civil service exam of Civil Service Commission of the Republic of the Philippines.  To tell you honestly, I am not really that interested to take this exam. But because my mother encouraged me so much or should I say forced me well, by telling to me the pros or advantages of passing this exam that’s why I decided to do so. If I pass in this exam, I would be prioritized if I wanted to work in a government based company in which larger amount of salary is expected.

The exam will have 150 items in all. 40 for Verbal, 50 for Analytical, 40 for Numerical and 20 for General Information.

I know you’ll judge me as to be being pessimistic but let me tell you that there is only 30% chance for me to pass. This is not a defense, but I know myself. I know I’m being stupid about it, but 80% is the passing grade of the test and I am not that confident with it. Most especially in terms of numerical ability (well, never mind). Eversince mathematical ability is my weakness.

However, when I think of the positive side, I know it is not also impossible for me to pass. Anyway, we’ll never know and expect maybe I’d get a good score in the other subjects. lol

Q : Did I take a review class for this exam?

A: No. I didn’t and I have no plan. It is because, the exam is so general that I do not know where and what to start studying. I may say that this exam is much more difficult than the other licensing exams because it has its own scope of field however civil service exam is much more general.

So wish me luck people and ofcourse bless me Lord. . .may Your presence guide me and may you provide wisdom and peace of mind.

P.S.- I also pray for my co examinees, my sister and two of my college friends. God bless and good luck guys!


6 thoughts on “Wish me luck!

  1. Hi! I have a question about the name tag that should be put in the passport size ID. Are you supposed to hold a name tag while you take the picture or should you write your name and signature after the ID is printed?

    It was also mentioned that you have to sign over your printed name but looking at your picture, yours was not signed.

    and I wonder did you pass the exam?

    I hope to hear from you soon. Thank you!


    • hello ms.mxteena..thanks for following my site. yes name tag should be handled and handwritten while you take the picture. I have a flyer here from civil service and it was not mentioned that you have to put a signature. But if i am not mistaken, my friend who was automatically licensed as civil service passer because she graduated as a cumlaude and get her certificate from civil service, she was required to pass a picture w/ signature. =) you can also visit their official site I think http://www.csc.gov.ph for more infos..thanks again girl..


      • yeah, I already submitted my requirements to the Civil Service Commission just this afternoon. I was clueless how the “name tag” should be done but I went to the photo shop, asked them about it and they already know what I needed. haha.

        Did you mean that your cum laude friend did not take the exam anymore? I didn’t know that. Might as well tell my friend about it. She is a candidate for cum laude (our graduation is still next week).

        Thank you for replying! much appreciated! 🙂


      • hi miss,
        my Question: are you having difficult time in taken the civil service exams??? are their time limits in taken the exams? did you pass the exams last October 16, 2011??? please i need your considerate answer

        thank you so much



    • hello Redan, thanks for the visit. yes it was difficult for me because I was too general and it was more on political science and mathematics. well i’m not good in math especially that ur not allowed to use calculators. hehe. but still i will take again ds coming oct.21, 2012 for m ore infos u can visit the official website of civil service commiision at http://www.csc.gov.ph thanks again.


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