5th day: Weighing

The Receipt

  Today is my fifth day of working out with my friends and I would like to share some improvements I have observed with my body. Before I decided to go jogging, I weigh 60 kls and I know it’s already over the normal weight of a nineteen year old like me.  So I need to lose 10 kls to have a normal weight again.

After 5 days of working out, I really want to know my weight to assess whether the work out I did was effective or not. But then we don’t have a weighing scale at home. So I and Cheche went to the nearest mercury drug to try their health kiosk. 

It was a bit embarrassing to some customers in the pharmacy because it was actually our first time to try the machine. At first I thought it will only calculate your weight but I was surprised to know that even your height, blood pressure and etc. will also be calculated. 

When I try the machine I was like very ignorant but I cannot express well my thoughts that time because you are not allowed to talk once you step on the machine.

After my weight was calculated and as the process goes on I regretted because I wasn’t able to see the calculation of my weight but at the end of the process I was so overwhelmed to see a printed receipt of all calculations. I was not expecting that the machine will issue this kind of stuff. Hehehe. I only lose 2 pounds for that five day exercise. Although most of the results was abnormal but still it’s inspiring.=)

P.S.= You only need to pay 5 pesos if you want to try the machine. Don’t be hesitant to try it but I am not sure if it can be found in all mercury drugstore branch.


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