How did I spent my 11-11-11?

This is a late post but I would still like to share this because I had a great time with my friends last November 11, 2011. We had our bonding at ukay-ukayan and I was with my friends namely Che che, Monica and Peter. I bought 2 dresses, 1 tee shirt, 2 sleeveless, and a pair of sandals for only 150 pesos in all. I tell u guyz, the qualities are good. San ka pa?

Girlfirends hit Roxas Avenue, Dvo...

Next stop is at Barrio Bistro located in Obrero St., Davao City.

che2, me, monic

It’s dinner time sponsored by Peter as usual . Heheh Barrio Bistro is known for their affordable but delicious pizza’s.

monic w/ his bf peter the sponsor

me and cheche while waiting for the pizza's

For only 300php you can buy 1 take 1 pizza in different flavors with 8 regular slices each. Not bad right? It’s really affordable and worth it.

Here’s what we ordered:

Barrio Pizza

I forgot the name of this one. Overload......something..heheh

I like the overload flavor better.=)

Tower Iced Tea

(it was actually my first time to know and see that tower iced tea. may ganon pala?) heheh pambihira na amaze ako dito ah.

Kanya kanyang bitbit ng plastik laman ang mga nabili sa ukay-ukay.hehe

I was overly full this night. As in! Thanks friends it was a great night! I hope to get back in Barrio Bistro soon…


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