Working Girl ;)

Nov. 24, 2011

– was my first day of work. I can compare it to the feeling every first day of school but somehow it was different because you are now in a different world with different type of people. People who are already used to the job versus me who is a rookie.

Nov. 24, 25, 28 & 29, 2011:

I have adjust a lot with my schedule. Because I have to be in the office at 7:45am. So I wake up everyday at 6:00am to prepare. Our working hours is every Monday to Friday 8:00am-12:30pm and 12:30pm-6:36pm.

My first 4 days at work was so far so good. For my first two days nagbasa ako ng makakapal na manual about everything in our department. About the policies and everything about People Department (H.R.) specifically in Select ’em (Recruitment). May mga activities din ang recruitment family na amin-amin lang. It was my first time to join their LF2F or what they call as Looking forward to Friday  where we will just have short activity and eating session. Just for fun. We also have kris kringle with a theme every after payroll. Our theme for now was something fragrant and I receive a facepowder,cologne and munchkins from Ate Grace and Ate Chinchan also got a lotion from me. Then for my 3rd day I was oriented about the structure of our department by Ate Krisma and after that I was oriented about Targeted Selection by Ate Kristianne. After that and until my 4th day which is yesterday, I started to observe the flow of the screening process. From receiving of the applicants until their final interview. Well, I still have a lot to learn. It was tough but I know and I feel that I’m gonna enjoy. =D. I was also given the chance to enter data in their system which is also part of my job.

People are very welcoming and approachable. They wanted me to call them Ate’s and Kuya kasi as usual ako na naman ang bunso sa grupo. They are always having fun while working and I am also enjoying while trying to connect with them. I also like the way that before I actually deal with my job, they want me to observe first with everything that is going to happen everyday. My training will surely help me but I know it’s more than that it’s the people I work with. Ayaw kasi nila akong pabayaan lang and then ‘yong kahit mga supervisors and manager hindi ka maiilang.=D

I am happy for a very positive welcome for me. I look forward to more. . .=D


2 thoughts on “Working Girl ;)

  1. congrats baby happy ur part of the team sure u’ll have great contributions for the company…i finally got a chance to read ur so nice ..sana ako rin turuan mo nmn ako apno mgstart ng blog hanggang create lng ako ng acct e..hehe — myma here mwah


  2. ok here I’s my first time to visit ur blog dear and i enjoyed reading some of ur “kaechusan”.anyways, I’m happy also that ur part of the team na. im looking forward working with you and i hope that you will enjoy being with us too:) just remember that everything will be easily learned if you have the will and perseverance.just enjoy ur job and everything will be fine:) we are here to help.mwah!WELCOME to SELECT’Em!:D


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