I would like to congratulate my Uncle Juno and his wife Auntie Lala for a healthy twin sons! Weeee so happy to see the two healthy babies. They are such a great blessings kasi medyo masilan pag nag bubuntis si Auntie. Kailangan alagaan kasi mahirap mabuhay ang bata pag buntis siya. There was something kasi na complicated about her blood. Namatay nga yong pangalawang baby niya. Kaya we are all happy to know na at this time, kambal pa at thank God hindi kailangan ilagay sa incubator kasi they are both healthy. Thanks God!

Garay 1 and Garay 2 muna ang name nila sa ngayon wala pa kasing official na sinsabi sila anutie. They were  born last Jan. 21, 2012 at Davao Doctors Hospital=) Welcome to the family boys..hehehe.Mwah!


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