To my ever dearest friend

This is for you. I may not have all the resources to make a big surprise for your birthday but I hope this one works. Haha. Ipa burn ko garo ini sa CD lot kaso wara sab mauli sa kanato para kapadarhan. So hopefully makit-an mo ini. Well I know makita mo gihapon puhon hahaha. I wish you a happy birthday with happy thoughts especially for your family, friends and ofcourse for your self. You know how much I love you lot. Diba, sauna pa gayod katigam da kaw sa sian. Bisan usahay matukar ang kabuntogon mo, never ta kaw eng biyaan kay katigam ako bisan uno kaw ka strong as a person, you need somebody especially during sa mga time na medyo diri mu ayon ang mga pangyayari sa palibot. I wish you well in your future career. Awwww kung uno man galing iyan na mga careers, I am always here magtagad ng libre joke lang. I am always here to support and cheer. Weeee May you have more blessings to come this year and in the next years to come. Happy Birthday and I miss you so much! hugs and kisses from Jo. God Bless.=)


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