Story (Part 2)

It’s been 7 months ago since I’ve posted the Part 1 of this story. Well it was quite long because I cannot find enough time to recall everything from the past. Tonight, I would try to continue the story and hopefully finished this one. (crossed finger)


I immediately pursue college after I graduated in high school. I took up Bachelor of Science in Psychology in Holy Cross of Davao College while he pursue his college in other province and took up Bachelor of Science in __________. We didn’t have any communication after everything that happened. During my first year college days I have constant communication with the rest of my high school friends except to him. Sometimes we exchange text messages but not as the same as my other friends. So how was my let me say LOVE LIFE during my early college years? Well as what I’ve told my friends, it was like a black and white picture, a monotonous one. Yeah! I had crushes in the campus but nothing serious happen. I enjoyed so much the company of my girl friends, my classmates and my co psych major students. Sometimes during vacations I always went home and most of the time we saw each other together with our batch mates but as usual we can’t directly talk because we are both uncomfortable approaching each other. However I know that I still like him but its just that I am shy and so I am not comfortable dealing with him. However there are times when he jokes at me and I to him. I mean it was not a zero reinforcement completely.

I don’t know how the love story exactly started. Oh yes you read it right. We had…we had a love story. Mmmmmm Yeah I cannot really remember how we started to communicate again. As far as I can remember it was Christmas Day. I arrived early in church so I can still find a vacant seat. When he arrived he sit beside me. Even if we were sitting beside one  another, we still don’t talk that much. Well it was a mass anyway. Hehe. During the communion I included him to my prayers. I said to God that “I always want to say goodbye and give up or let go my true feelings to Mr.DKG, I always do it but then I cannot stand with that decision because through time I am just really in denial. But now I will let go of my feelings for him I pray that I would have enough courage to stand with my decision and that I’d be stronger”.  The mass ended and we part ways.

 After a few days new years eve was then celebrated and usually my friends and I has to organize a simple outing or party before going back to school in college. We had our outing at one of the beaches in our town. What happened was like I and him don’t know each other because we never really approach each other. And the party ended.

When I got home, I prepared for my travel for the next day back to the city. After packing up my things, I just rest and text my friends to say thank you for the nice time we had. Then the magic started..

He replied and it was the beginning of what “I” call LOVE STORY. We were talking about the outing, why we didn’t have any moment of even a short conversation and blah blah blah. As we go on texting, I cannot help but express how I feel. Actually I’m used to it. Even before, I always do share everything about my feelings to him. He knows about my real feelings actually. But this time, I shared what I prayed during the mass. I told him about what I fell during that time. That I’m giving up because I’m already tired and I feel like I am being taken for granted. Then he replied and said:

“Honestly, I was waiting for you to say that. During the mass, I was also praying about my feelings for you. I ask for a sign and I said that if you will tell me that you’re giving up already that’s the time that I should make a move. Actually I ask that sign today before 12midnight. And its 9:00pm, I thought these will not happen anymore. But my my prayer was answered. So please give me the chance to love you. I know you’re much more in love with me than I to you but I’d like my feelings to grow. Can you be my girlfriend?”

And I melted!

(to be continued)

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