Story (Part 3)

Ofcourse I refuse to answer Yes because of my ego. I told him that, maybe its not yet really the time for us. Our conversation ended up hanging. The next day I travel back to the city and some of my friends including him. During that time, I still can’t believe what he shared to me. It was like a dream come true. I realize, maybe he just really tried because he wanted to consider my feelings and to really JUST TRY maybe it will work out and maybe he feels like his ready to handle a relationship as well as handle well his studies.

When I arrive in the city it was two consecutive days that he was not letting anytime to pass by without texting me. He continue to please me or should I say court me. I keep on letting him prove why after a long long time he decided to court me, why he wanted to be my boyfriend and blah blah blah…

But the night during his second day of expressing all that he feels for me, the weak ego gave up. YES! was my answer. I admit that it was just a 2 day courtship. So let’s define “easy to get”. Haha. During those monets, I cannot help myself to fall even more deeply. I was blinded by my emotions. I love him ever since high school and now this guy who I already knew since then  and whom I dream to also love me is now courting me so why say NO. Haha

So we’re officially committed that day- JANUARY 4, 2010.

Everyday was new to me. I’m already used to be alone to have time with my self and let me just say ”enought time” with my self  hehe. So since January 4, 2010 everyday is just a new day for me. Somebody cares for you, reminds you to take good care, reminds you to eat. Somebody you can talk about everything especially those little things that happen to you everyday. Somebody that you can share your worries and makes you feel less worried about it. Somebody who wakes you everyday in order not to be late in school. Somebody who reminds you before you sleep that he love’s you. Somebody who makes you feel that even if your not the prettiest but you are simply beautiful. Somebody you miss so much and you know that he misses you a lot too and somebody who’s receiving the love your giving. (to be continued)


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