Left unsaid

Belated happy birthday. You’re on your way! So congratulations not in advance because I know you work hard everyday. Congratulations because you always do your best. Finally you’re getting there and you’re slowly reaching you’re dreams and I’m happy for that as always. As you take a new chapter of your life may you keep that drive to succeed and continue making your family and friends proud and happy for you. You have that enough motivation to make your dreams come true because I know you have God first in your life. The least that I could hope for is that as you journey towards success may you also learn to embrace failures. May you stay strong facing those challenges without blaming your self  I mean letting yourself down. Learn to accept your mistakes and that you are not perfect. Yes you are not! Remember that it’s your imperfections that makes the whole you, it won’t make you less human if you are wrong and if you fail but rather it makes the whole you as a strong and better man. Lastly, may you learn to appreciate that life isn’t just about winning it’s all about the journey as you reach that dream, how you handled the ups and downs without letting your self and others down as well. God bless.


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