Mother’s Day

 She’s not just a mother but she played both the role of a father and a mother when my father died when I was just three years old.  She’s with me and my older sister through time.        

 But to be honest, during my childhood days, I misunderstood her almost all the time. Her decisions and principles towards disciplining us her daughters. I always feel embarrass everytime she scolded me in front of many people. 

 I usually cry because she’s not the same mother I see in televsion who is very sweet to their babies or child, who are very showy with their feelings. She’s really different.  When I entered college and live far from our province everything from the past flashes back everytime I make my own decisions. It was because in every single choice I do, she really matters a lot. 

 I think becauase she raise us well.  I admit that in the past I cannot really understand why she’s doing this and that to us. Yes I was hurt and I do feel negative emotions with how she treat us but that’s it.

I just thank God for everything that my mother did for us. This is because, right now I do fully understand her and why she needs to do it.

 I’d like to say that, I am just so proud to be her daughter and that she became my mother. This is all because I couldn’t have everything I have now  and I wouldn’t be who I am today if it wasn’t because of her. She was there for me at all times. Although I cannot completely say my problems and my feelings to her but I’m really sure she’s just around willing to listen to my none sense or sometimes with sense stories.

 Now I feel  that she completely trust me in my own decisions, with what I want, who I’m with and where I’d like to go. I think she’s confident enough that she already built the best foundation for us her daughters. 

 I would like to thank you Nanay for everything especially for all the support in my own plans and decisions. Thank you for everything you’ve provided to me since then. 

 But most especially thank you also for the things that you we’re not able to give to me. This is because you’ve taught me how to dream and work for it.

 You’ve taught us how to put extra effort to acieve those dreams. And most importantly you’ve taught us how to become God fearing and to value what we have. Thank you Nanay Julia for everything.  Happy Mother’s Day and advance Happy Birthday to you. How I wish you have the internet connection in province so you would be able to check this post. I love u Nay and I miss you. xoxo from your daughter: >jojo<

More pictures with my mother and my sister.=)

 Me, Nanay and Ate- this was during my Lola and Ate’s birthday. I still remember the very reason why I have this frowned face in this picture. It was because I felt jealous because my ate always had her lechon baboy during her birthday. hahahah

 My sister and me with our Nanay during  the wedding anniversary of one of our relatives.

 Dalaga na kami. Parang ambilis lang ng panahon.=)

me  my Mother and sister

 SUMMER 2012 @ Britania Boslon Island Surigao del Sur!


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