FUN summer 2012

Summer here in Philippines is almost over and so before this hot season ends let me share to you my summer escapade for this year of 2012.

Last April 2012 me and my college friends went to my province in Surigao del Sur. It was our first ever time to travel that far from Davao City and to spend that budget for an outing. Well I guess, we just wanna really treat ourselves after the busy schedules from work and aside from that we didn’t have any after party when we graduated in college that’s why the team agreed to this plan. So since April 5-9 was the Holy week for the year of 2012 and exactly April 8 is our 1st anniversary as professionals we then grab the chance to not just reflect and pray for the Holy week but to also enjoy nature.

April 5, 2012, we went to TINUY-AN FALLS

Tinuy-an Falls is located in Bislig City, Surigao del Sur. From Davao City we departed at exactly 1:30am and reach this falls at exactly 7:00am (via private van). Entrance fee is only 50pesos. This falls is known to be as the Niagara Falls of the Philippines. I think this is one of the widest waterfalls in the Phillipines. It was actually my second time here and I’m still amaze with its beauty. It was even more beautiful because of the rainbow across the falls (not that obvuse in the picture) and aside from that the place this time was not that crowded yet. So I suggest that you should be early if you’re planning to visit this place. I think they are already open at 6:00am. The last time I was here, I did swimming with my family but this time we were not able to maximize our stay and so we did not attempt to swim due to time consciousness.

At around 8:00am we departed from Tinuy-an falls and took our breakfast in the car while riding going to Enchanted River.

At exactly 10:00am we reach ENCHANTED RIVER

Enchanted River is located in Hinatuan, Surigao del Sur. From Tinuy-an Falls we travel for almost 2 hours to reach this place. Entrance fee is only 30 pesos but you need to pay for the 2 toll fees going to this place which cost 10 pesos each. It was actually my first time here even if I am living in the province of Surigao del Sur. From the name itself, the place was really enchanting. It’s a deep blue river with crsytal clear water. According to some natives there, no one has ever reach the the depth of the river. Base on my research also, some divers cannot reach the depth because aside from the reason that the river is flowing deep in a cave like form, two tanks of oxygen for each diver is not enough. For me the place is really fascinating but during this time, it was very crowded (super). As soon as you reach the place you immeadiately order your food. So you can just wait for it while enjoying the view. Lots of fresh sea foods are available around the place and it’s all up to you how do you want it to be cooked. At around 11:30am we eat our lunch and some of my friends as well as my relatives who were also with us had enjoy much swimming. At exactly 12noon everyone swimming were asked to vacate frist the river because the’ll gonna have their Fish Feeding. Its always scheduled every 12noon to 1:00pm so be sure that you if you want to visit this place, you should have witness this part. A music was played it was like a magic that the big fishes came out from the river and seem s like they are performers in a theater while people are watching them eating those foods. And we departed from the place at around 12:30pm and reach home in San Agustin, Surigao del Sur at exactly 2:30pm.=)

April 6, 2012

After the traditional Station of the Cross every Holy week we just stayed at home and my college friends we’re able to meet my high school friends and had our lunch together.

After our lunch I’ve decided that we go to my grandfather’s place. It’s just 10minutes away from  our town  via tricycle. But before reaching my grandpas house we had our stop over in a known bridge in our place. It’s called Hubo River Bridge located in Buhisan, San Agustin Surigao del Sur.


At around 3:00pm we reach the place of my Lolo and enjoyed so much by relaxing plus unlimited chatting and most especially eating those delicious food. What a life!


And we woke up early to enjoy the relaxing beach of  Salvacion. We were already in the beach at exactly 6:00am. This is what I miss with my team, laughing all together, took pictures with each moment, and to just laugh until it hurts our stomachs. Some did swimming, some just enjoyed the nature. After an hour we went back in our home and had our breakfast. After that I invited my friends to visit my Grandfather and Father in the cemetery. There I had a chance to introduce my friends to two of the most significant people in  my life. After our visit, the weather turned out bad and we got home wet because of the heavy rain. But we still do enjoy and we immediately ride a tricycle to continue swimming in the popular summer destination of our place    which is (mother’s side)


These group of islands is located in Brngy Bretania, San Agustin Surigao del Sur. I’ve been here in this place for quite long since my childhood days until my high school years. But it was just recently popular a year ago. A lot of people visit this place everyday and it’s just so new for us natives here, because last few years, this place was just so private and silent. Glad it was already discovered but hopefully it would be maintained naturally.

My friends were fascinated and amaze withe white sands, crystal clear water, the anture, the place it self. As usual we had a lot of pictures with the nature. We were also given the chance to have our island hopping. The weather was great, the people I was with this time were all so special and dear to me.  I really did had so much fun.


This time, it’s a closer bonding with my high school friends. We had our late lunch in the beach of  our town.  My college friends really did enjoy swimming in the sea and in the shore?hahahaha I mean in the We also had our gift giving so that my high school friends would also remember this short time but nice time they had with my friends in college.

During the night, we had our get together in our living room. With my Uncles, Aunties, most of my family members. We had our KTV, drink a little, laugh a lot. After a few minutes, my high school friends came, and our get together continued in our terrace until 3:00am.


Lazy morning, lousy moves, weak voice, sad thoughts, teary eyes – these has always been me everytime I leave home. . . So sad. but before we leave we had our group picture or should I say family picture:

I’d like to thank God for this very special occassion, my sincerest thank also to my college friends that they we’re able to make it, even if our place was quite far from Davao City as well as to my high school friends for the warm welcome and for the support, and lastly to my family both mother and father side for the accommodation and everything.

It has been my dream since then to bring people at home. Those people I knew outside our town because for me this is one way for them to understand where I came from and to know me better. Not just to enjoy nature but to actually see where I grew up.


6 thoughts on “FUN summer 2012

  1. wewewwwwwwww….i had so much fun reading this.. been reminiscing while reading your post, keep it up joule!
    can’t wait for the continuation. miss you my dear friend/baby sister a.k.a. iso na badi!


    • ses! tuo man ka anang wrong grammar oi, bilib ko sa imoha kay maka-blog ka regularly. wish nako na mabuhat pud nako na.hehehe


      • pwede man..sos masuya gani ko sa inyu mg cp..kay fil nq maka blog diha ug pnahawud..tong nag browse2 ko sa cp ni che2 kay nalingaw ko kyut mn gud if mg feature ug picture kadtong app lng na inyung gamit ang gamiton kay kyut xag effect..pamblog ug dating for me..nya diba makanet mn mu..lingawa ana oie..bsag tag 2 sentences lng evry post..share2 lng gud gnagmay..


      • hmmm…mao jud pwob lage kay dili maka-write post sa cp, imbis pwede na unta dretso upload, lagot au…iexplore pa nako kung unsaon ni…pero nag-blog2 naman ko ginagmay, la lang nagabasa sa ako blog, ako lang.hehehe:)


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