I want this!

It has been one of my dreams to have my own bed room. Yes! I’m already 20 years old now, but I did not have any chance to own one. I had so many times to sleep alone in a room but unfortunately I don’t own them=). It is because in province and the same here in city we only have three bedrooms and we’re more than three in the family I mean we’re more than three living in our house. From my childhood days to high school days I sleep with my mom and from college days until present I sleep with my sister.

I’m envy with my friends who has their own room especially that I’m the type of person who likes to personalized and be creative in whatever I have. I have a lot of plans to create, but since I don’t have a private room that’s why I cannot make those creative ideas I have.

Until now, I’m still hopeful enough that someday I’m gonna have my own bedroom. What I want and like is a bedroom with multifunctional design. Since I am really frustrated to have one, I look for photos which would best describe my ideal bedroom someday.

A room without terrace is fine but it should have a window with blinds=)

I t would be okey even if if it’s not capacious enough as long as every space has a function.=)

Super nice drawers under the bed. I also like the shelvesplus a flat screened computer.=)

I love the cabinets!

I want drawers under my bed!

Elevated bed and nicer because of the barrier at the side, for safety purposes.

I want installed cabinets but wheeled tables and other furnitures.

Nice cabinets and drawers but the window is just too big. I think it could be better if its a little bit higher and not leveled with the bed.

I want shelves!!!

wheeled bed plus nice drawers under it…

 I so love the idea of that stairs turned into drawers. So perfect! I want this elevated bed with perfect barriers and with what I call as drawered stairs. hehe.. I want this!!!

Everytime I view these pictures, I can’t help but to imagine myself being inside that room and I feel so happy even if it’s just an imagination.=) I know someday it will happen.

Yes I believe in that! Before I end this post I heard a quote in one of the TV shows I saw tonight that says,

“If you want to make your dreams come true, do not sleep”


P.S. -I do not own the photos shown above. Thanks world wide web for the pictures.


One thought on “I want this!

  1. wow joule! kyut au ang pix. sige lang someday magka-room naman ka og ana…kaw pa! determined au ka…we’ll pray for that. excited ko for you! pasudla daun mi sa imo room hah..:) God bless you always.:)


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