Curly hair for my auntie’s wedding last June 24, 2012. It’s actually my first time..first time to curl my hair have this hairdo..and I like it.=)


5 thoughts on “Curly

    • hi ron..dili baya ko sure if eng ana ba..basi lang dili ka lyk..pero mka comment..dili mn ako ang nagkulot.haha. abe nq gi ayos2 lng sa bayot..shock nlng ko pg sulod nq sa room na naa salamin..kay dako kaau na sa personal..i mean murag gi extensionan..makadako pud ug ulo..plantsa lng gud na pang straight iya gamit pg curl..infairness..gihawud..
      .tnx much.


  1. naks! a blog site is nothing without constant update.. and i envy your blog for that.. keep writing, keep blogging, and keep up the nice work on this blog! 😀 miss you!


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