And because I love her

I just so like this girl. She’s a Filipino singer named Yeng Constantino. She started as one of the contestants of a reality singing contest here in Philippines entitled Pinoy Dream Academy. She was actually the winner of the show. Since then, she continued her singing career and on and off cam.
She’s great. Yeah! For me, she’s one of the simple and humble celebrities I know. That’s why I admire her with just being herself. When I discovered her personal blog, I was even more interested to her and na realize ko bigla na hindi maging idealistic masyado pag nagpopost sa blog. I mean hindi ko kailangang pilitin ang sarili ko pagdating sa pagsusulat. At first kasi, akala ko pag magbablog, kailangan English talaga and significant ‘yong mga e popost. Pwede naman pala na ‘yong kahit mga simpleng pangyayari lang or kahit gaano kaliit na mga pangyayari na pwede mong ibahagi sa mga tao. Yeng is a famous celebrity and because of her blog, she proves to me that whatever status we have, we can be just a simple being. I always visit her blog site and give time to read her posts as well as her status in her facebook account. Until now, I still do read and browse her blog posts that’s why I am more inspired and is trying to imitate her styles (trying hard).
I wish to see her one day. I wish to take pictures with her. Yes! not just a picture but pictureS with her. hehehe. I wish to hear her sing personally. I wish to hug her.=)  -CERTIFIED YENGSTER- thanks for reading. =D

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