Oxford or Brogue?

So here’s another post about my cheap fashion. =) So I’m gonna higlight this oxford or brogue footwear I got. Can anyone tell me what type of footwear is this? hehe. I’ve been looking for this and just last Friday I bought this from ukay-ukay (imported and second hand clothes, shoes, bags, etc. sale in low price, usually along the street side in many downtown area here in Philippines). I actually saw some of these in malls, but I cannot afford to buy a new one. So I settled to bought this second hand one but still presentable enough for only 90php.=D

The rest that I am wearing in this photo are also ukay-ukay items. Like the brown sling bag, inner gray blouse and black blazer. That necklace with key shape pendant and nerd eye glasses are also bought from brandless and low priced acessory store. So hope you like my cheap fashion for today=)

Have a blessed sunday friends!

# it’s not about the price, it’s all about the look. haha


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