Newly Loved Look

Denim top… Bowtie… Fully buttoned blouses… Leopard print… Blue green color… Tuck in blouses…Brown bag… Denim trousers…Oxford shoes/Brown shoes…Knight’s Knot Belt…Long necklaces…

I am just a simple girl.. I use to wear denim trousers, sleepers or flat shoes, tee shirts or simple blouses with sling bags in my ordinary days… But I’m not that particular with the color, texture, prints or whatever. In short, what I see is what I get… but these past few months… I’m having obsession when I see stuffs mentioned above..I’m loving them… as in. I’d say I now have a favorite fashion style…but I don’t know how this is called…maybe classic look or retro fashion with current styles or maybe the mix of the said styles..hahaha..  When I’m wearing them, I just feel so comfortable and it boosts my confidence. It feels so good especially that I am into cheap fashion. I mean almost all that I bought are really low priced items.


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