Thank’s God It was Friday yesterday 🙂

Hey! It’s 4:00am of  Saturday 8/11/12. I’m awake and kicking from a long deep sleep. haha. I did sleep immediately yesterday after duty that’s why I’m now awake but honestly I was awaken by my tummy. Haha. I still have this frog like eyes after all the confrontation or let’s just call it heart to heart talk between me and my officemates yesterday.

It was such a relief. I am happy to share my side but most importantly I am happier knowing them better and somehow understand them. I am so overwhelmed knowing these people. I tell you, they’re great! =). Looking forward for more experiences and learnings along the way. It’s gonna be a long journey for me but I’m hoping for a better and best next times. Salamat co R.A.’s. Happy!

(picture above are chocolates covered with different colors of art papers that would describe our feelings towards each other)-photo credits to Ate April.


7 thoughts on “T.G.I.w.F.y

  1. hi rowna..pacenxa wala q nakareply kay wala nq dri sa blay since lunch time..=).. kay naa nako boulevard wala man gud mi tubig mg 2 days na..but if week.en usually naa rajud ko diri balay..labina sat sa morning til mga 6pm.. usahay mg lakaw2 ko pg 6pm na onwards..so pwede ka laag dri kay aq rman sad tao..walay lain..hehe.


  2. hala sad to say ds fri kay wala ko ron..heheh fri-tues man gud wala mi work.. so mag uli q Surigao.. =).. pwede pd next week end nlng.. e remind lng ko daan kay makalimot ko..hahahaha.. thanks ron..cge2 miss ya 2..pwede sa 25 nlng sat mana..


  3. OHHH Myyyy 28 pista samu.. 25 , 26 rest day.. tapos 27 kay holiday sad.. kalimot q duh.. basi makauli pd q ana pd.. feel nq makauli gyud q.. ani nlng mgdpnde mn gd q saq sweldo anang 25 kay murag gamay lng kay dghan holiday so basi mgpadala nlng q unya dili nlng q mu uli.. pero if ever kaya sa budget mu uli q tpos next sat nlng ta.. sept 1.. dugaya ato oie.. haha.. tyminga pd oi.. actually ghapon ra sad q naka realyz na after ds coming week end mu pista nman diay next week..shunga lng.


    • owvers! okie ra kaau oie. katong sunday man pud gud ako last rest day. so full-packed jud ang remaining days sa month.heheh timing pud if sa sept.1 kay bag-ong sweldo.hehehe:D
      regards ko sa mga taga-san agustin joule! ingatz pud sa byahe!mua!


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