DAY 2 and 3: It’s More Fun in Surigao del Sur

DAY 2 & 3 (AUGUST 18-19, 2012) 

 It’s a new day…  Sun is up… Swim wears are wet… Breakfast is ready…

and everyone are all excited for the whole day stay in a paradise like place…

Foods are prepared..  Everything is set… Everyone is ready…

a group picture outside our lovely home…=)

After 15 minutes of travel, we reach Barangay Britania, San Agustin Surigao del Sur and its Island hopping time to Britania Group of Islands. To be exact this place has 24 islands/islets. On our lists, the group will go to 4 islands namely Hagunoy Island, Naked Island, Hiyur-hiyuran Island and Boslon Island because it would take a long hours if we’ll visit all the islands. haha. Anyway we’d like to thank a family friend for a special and discounted island hopping. hehe.

A refreshing view that you can see while riding a pumpboat:


 Me with Ate Rose and Ate Tsian (left to right)

while riding the boat going to Hagunoy Island…first stop… this is just one of the islands… how can you ask for more?

group picture… clear blue sky… and the ever fresh crystal clear water…

 JUMP FOR JOY! UNLIMITED JUMP SHOTS IS EQUAL TO MUSCLE PAIN…haha  this is my favorite group picture… such a lovely place…and it just keeps me coming back…


  would you want to be naked in this place? =) STOLEN SHOT SHOWS THE REAL YOU…  @ Naked Island plus more islands behind us… behind the cameras… during our CALL ME MAYBE version… i’ll be posting the video soon… it’s better late than never… hehe


so how do you find our third stop?  cuteness…


and this is where we stayed ’til afternoon… Welcome to Boslon Island! it’s lunch time… EAT MORE FUN IN BOSLON ISLAND. lol caves… stones… and surveyors? hehehe discovering the beauty of  the island CAVE &  PEOPLE  the Team and the what I called Protractor like island.. heheheWhat’s over there crowd? Another cute photo we have… Such a fascinating view…Yeahhh! This is how I swim… hahaha I WAS THERE =) group picture.. camera: on the sand version..hehehe Going home… leaving the paradise…


Done taking a bath… we’re burnt… and we’re hungry…hehe it’s eating time… at  our room… eating the so called GOSANG… who knows about gosang? please help me define it… hahaha viewing our photos… at our living room… fresh…burnt…sleepy…but still laughing out loud… reddish cheeks… its dinner time.. Thank you so much Auntie Delma and Auntie Florenda for the delicious dinner- pasta in soup and shanghai lumpia…

 DAY 3- @ HOME  A family picture with Grandmom and Mother at 3:30am… We are going back in the city… thank you for the fast food like breakfast… thank you for waking up early Nanay and Julia to cook food for us… I’d also like to thank everyone for the considerations and understanding for some inconveniences… This is such an unforgettable journey…

Kung alam niyo lang gaano kasaya ang puso ko… Salamat!


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