Christmas Wish List 2012

September is almost over so just the same with my wishlist last year, this is still a late blog post. Hopefully, I’m still included in Santa’s nice list this year. =) To you who is reading this post right now, I would like to share that I’ve got 15 wishes last year and 9 of them we’re granted. Although some were not exactly what I want but it was almost the same.

I’ve been posting a Christmas wishlist since year 2010 and for that year, I also got 15 wishes and just the same with last year, 9 of them were granted. I am looking forward for the same answer this year and hopefully even more than 9. Haha

To begin, here’s my wishlist for this coming Christmas season of year 2012:

1) IPAD 2- (color: Black, model: Wi-Fi + Cellular)

2) Lumix gf2- (color: Black)

3) Jeans – (straight cut or skinny jeans, size 28 or 29, brand: any)

4) Blouses- (preferably: Denim top)

5) Free hair treatment or Hair color (hair gloss or rebond, color: Bronde)

6) Sandals – (Vivienne Westwood Melissa Wedge Shoes)

7) Picture frame- for my yearbook picture

8) Red lipstick- (brand: Avon or any)

9) Flash Drive- (4gb or higher, brand:pq1, transcend or kingstone)

9) Picture with Yeng Constantino

10) Picture with John Klevin Pilola (idol ko na blogger)

11) Picture with Chachi Gonzales of I am Me Crew

12) Blink book

13) Sun glasses (round)

14) Blazer/Cardigan

15) Colored Retro/Vintage Bag

Wishlist I’ve uploaded since year 2010 was more of material things. This is because I have my personal wishes for my family, friends and everything around me that I don’t need to post it here and just mention it through my prayers.

These are also my birthday wishes. To everyone who would like to grant atleast one of these, feel free to contact me through my blog, facebook & my email . Just pm me anytime. Advance thank you Santa. *wink haha

P.S.: Photo used in this post are not mine. They are all from google images. Thank you.


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