Lunches in the Office

 I am just so enjoying making my lunches in the office… I just have few hours to prepare my self for work but I make sure I give time to what I will eat during lunch time… So inspired with this laptop lunch box bought from Thank you so much to my cousin who shop this for me online. Looking forward to more healthy and creative lunches…=D

Have a nice day to all!=)

Rice, Steamed Okra, Ube Jam, Candies

 Rice, Sauteed vegetables, Fried Fish, Candies Rice, Sauteed Bittermelon with egg, Banana, Egg pie Rice, Vegetables, Rice cake, Bread, Egg pie Rice, Sauteed squash and beans with sardines, Bread with peanut butter, Flakes Rice, Vegetables with sardines, Scrambled egg with squash, Sandwich Rice, Sinigang na Baboy (Pork with soup), Fries, Meat balls Rice, Sauteed Potato with corned beef, Black meat of fish, Flakes Rice, Steamed Okra, Boiled Egg, Yogurt Drink, Wafer  Rice, Eggplant coated with scrambled egg, Vegetable pear with egg, Candy Rice, Sauteed Potato with chicken, Fries, Sweet & sour sauce


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