1) Take a bike ride in popular landmark at Batanes, Philippines

2) Go on a trip to Paris and get a photo in the famous Eiffel Tower

3) Visit Manila

4) Visit Boracay

5) Visit popular landmarks in Jerusalem

6) Visit popular landmarks in Italy (Rome & Vatican)

7) Visit Ate Mariche and Ate Jasmin in Norway

8) Visit my childhood friend Victoria and her Mom in Germany

9) Get a curly hair- preferably like Beyonce

10) Get a colored hair- preferably Bronde

11) Achieved 45-50kls weight

12) Upload a solo video on you tube singing a full song

13) Celebrate a birthday like a debut party

14) Get a tarpauline with my own photo

15) Have a boyfriend

16) Get married to a man of my dreams

17) Be a Psychiatrist or SPED Teacher

18) Learn to speak and write another language

19) Receive a flower from  someone special (suitor/boyfriend/husband)

20) Get drunk- badly drunk

21) Learn how to drive a car

22) Take order in a drive through fast food

23) Get photo with colorful sky lanterns as background

24) Finish read a book

25) Reach 100, 000 views in my blog

26) Get my own blog domain

27) Ride a Train

28) Have coffee in Star bucks

29) Learn how to surf  (get photo)

30) Travel alone for a first time in a place

31) Be confident enough to wear two piece

32) Ride a convertible car

33) Watch ASAP and showtime as live audience

34) Experienced Bungee jumping

35) Experienced Scuba diving

36) Get a photo with a Butanding under water

37) Experienced Sky diving

38) Learn how to swim

39) Learn how to Ice skate

40) Learn how to ride a roller blades/roller skates

41) Have my own KTV room

42) Have a room with more than 10 people can stay

43) Have brick wall in my dream house

44) Have cute white fence in my dream house

45) Get a mini personalized bus

46) Have a 3 day or more vacation with my family outside Mindanao- my treat

47) Have a 3 day or more vacation with high school friends

48) Have a 3 day or more bonding with my Team/College friends

49) Build my own house

50) Have a multifunctional bed room

51) Ride an airplane

52) Enroll in a dance school

53) Learn hiphop

54) Meet Yeng Constantino

55) Meet John Klevin Pilola

56) Meet Olivi “Chaci” Gonzales

57) Get an Ipad 2 (Wifi + Cellular)

58) Get Panasonic Lumix GF2

59) Get Cambridge Satchel Bag

60) A trip with cousins only

61) Go on a road trip with friends

62) Donate a large amount of money for a cause

63) Take cute kissing photo with the one I love

64) Spend a summer trip with my best friends

65) Own a pair of Vans shoes

66) Visit Disney Land

67) Learn how to skate board/ even the most basic

68) Own a polaroid camera

69) Go to mall in shorts

70) Kiss a dolphin

71) Dye my hair with a blue green color

72) Try Häagen-Dazs Ice cream

73) Learn how to bake

74) Have atleast one daughter and one son

75) Have a cute and romantic prenuptial pictorial

76) Have a memorable wedding day (that everyone important could come)

77) Have a 5oth wedding anniversary

78) Let my nails grow

79) Be able wear pumps at the office

80) Learn the inverted braided hair in my own

81) Try macarons

82) Make a home made Sushi

83) Experience and try sliding in a snow

84) Shoot a gun

85) Witness and be part of a flash mob

86) Own a varsity jacket

87) Grafitti a wall

88) Eat a burrito

89) Own a mac book desktop

90) Experienced Triathlon

91) Experience 3 point shot in basketball

92) Learn back float swimming

93) Visit Villa Escudero

94) Visit El Nido Palawan

95) Meet Papa Jack of Love Radio

96) Live alone in a boarding house/apartment/dormitory for atleast 5 months or more

97) Finish a masteral or doctoral degree

98) Eat the biggest size of Honey dew Melona Ice cream

99) Meet the adventurous Lesley Carter who inspired me to make a bucket list

100) Experienced Wake boarding

101) Document/Take photo everything listed above


-photo credits here


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