Childhood BFF


(from left to right)


Our closeness started when we were in Grade 5 of our Primary years. We named our group as LEAD GIRLS. LEAD is the abbreviation of our last names L for Lamela Lotis, E for Escudero Julie Ann, A for Avila Myssa and D for Dobluis Charlyn. We have a lot in common but we also have our differences and so our friendship is a typical type of relationship where not everything flows perfectly. We have highs and lows but despite of that, WE’VE GOT 10TH YEAR and still counting. HAHAHA


Lotis- is already a Registered nurse and is working in a hospital in Cebu City

Me- I am working as a Recruitment Assistant in a private company here in Davao City

Myssa- she is presently working in a Government Office in our province and is planning to go to Manila to find better opportunities

Charlyn- she is already married and a full time mom of her two kids and is presently staying in province as well

Looking back to our good old days, we were just too hyper and it seems that life is just all about bonding, laughter’s and friends. In comparison to the present, I never imagine all of these to happen after 10 years. Although our communication is not that constant anymore due to busy schedules I still find time to reach out to these girls and I know that they are always in my heart no matter what I do and even if wherever I may go.

I’d like to thank you all for becoming my inspirations ever since. I believe that time will come and the four of us we’ll be reunited again. Keep in touch  girls and you know how much I love you. Happy anniversary once more. Hugs and kisses from me.


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