#59- Bucket List Checked

Recently I posted about my Bucket List and tonight I am just so excited to share that I already checked one of 101 of them. Yayyy=D

#59 was “To Own a Pink Cambridge Satchel Bag” like this one I saw in the web:

 photo credits here

and today I went to a newly built SM here in Davao- SM Lanang for a window shopping only with my friend. But when we reach in the Bags section, I saw  this bag. At first I thought it was exactly a Cambridge Satchel but it’s a Parisian Satchel Bag. So even if I did not plan to buy anything this day, I did not hesistated anymore. The impulsive me bought this. Haha. Although it’s not exactly the same but I still find it cute and affordable worth 399php.  It seems like I got exactly what I want. So happy to CHECKED #59 of my  bucket list:

 Sorry for the bad quality of the picture. I just use our netbook camera ‘coz I don’t have a nice camera yet.

#Happiness!!!! La..la..la..la..la..=D


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