New Windows 8 Commercial

I find this new commercial of Windows 8 cute and catchy especially the visual effects and ofcourse the background music. It’s entitled Everything at Once by Lenka but unfortunately I can’t look for an official music video of this song but I would just like to share this cute one I’ve seen:

(credits to agprincess013 for this video)

I think this is a nice song for everyone who wants to share who they are as well as how they dream. It’s a self expression music and I know a lot of you including me likes it.

I don’t know anything about the singer of this song because I just found her recently when I research about this new windows 8 commercial but I think she’s a cool singer. I’ve also seen just now, this cute video with Lenka’s song entitled Don’t Let Me Fall as background music, so cute as well.

(credits to cuteyznabera)

Well, who came in you tube to search for this new Windows 8 commercial music? hehe

Have a blessed day friends =)


2 thoughts on “New Windows 8 Commercial

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