1st post of the year

Been a while…

Been busy for the past weeks.. I just realized I wasn’t able to share to you everything that happened during my Christmas season and how I spent my New years eve. Well if you’re my online friend in facebook I know you saw some of my photos,oh! sorry lots of my photos rather. haha!

Here’s the link:


it was and ever been so great every December most especially when I went home to province. Kris Kringles, Misa de Gallos, Christmas Parties, Gifts, Last Minute shopping, Travel home with hundreds of passegers as well, seen the area affected by Typhoon Pablo in Compostela Valley during the travel and oh it breaks my heart, Reunion with family and friends, everyday chit chat with high school buddies, simple living but with healthy and fresh  foods, lunch in the beautiful scenery of Britania Group of Islands, walks, cuddle with cousins, serious talks with Grandma and Mom, make up sessions with my sister, Alumni Home coming, Parlor games, outing, Gangnam dance with friends, etc. It was a great 2 week stay at home. I didn’t regret that from my 10 day vacation leaves for the year, 4 days were down already. Hehe.

So I think, that’s all I’d like to share to you tonight. Looking forward for more for this year! Thank you WP friends! >love


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