People of the Year 2012

Few months back I have been planning to post this here but due to some other things to consider, unfortunately I wasn’t able to make it. 2013 is in it’s second month today but still I want to pursue this because they are still and will be significant in my entire journey.

But before that, “People of The Year” will be a new topic in this blog that will talk about those people who have become significant for me and I’d plan to do it every before the year ends.

So much for that intro

I’d like to give the first slot for my Team R.A.:-) my co recruitment assistants has become part of my journey for more than a year. So what’s the common denominator between us? #singlehood for the majority and that’s all. hahaha. In some of my facebook status, I use to call them my sisters. From a complete strangers to becoming friends and eventually sisters. For some big reasons, I’d like to thank you all ATE’s for the overwhelming support you have given as soon as I started joining the team. Thank you because you are all great. Yes! great and amazing. Although we have our own differences but that’s what makes our team solid.
We have been together in every screening process and even with outside work stuffs. So I also like to thank you for the chit chats during or after work, the outing we had or am I allowed to say outingS? haha thanks te.
As we continue to journey and take new experiences, I am looking forward to discover more about us and get to know each of us more. Thank you sisters and I love you.

P.S.1 ang duha diha, naa nay mga changes.hehe. this is for blogging purposes only.

P.S. 2 this is just the first slot for the people of the year 2012. There are still more to come and part 2 will be posted as soon as the connection in wordpress cooperates.hehe

P.S. 3 ma amaze lang jud ko sa inyu tanan.


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