Time check and its 1:10am of Monday. I am supposed to be asleep but I just could not maybe because of the hot weather this time here in Ph. I was wondering what to talk about now and thought of my weekend activities. Just for you to know, I am lucky to have 2 rest days in a week. Yes! Got T W O ! Saturday & Sunday.
Indeed I had a restful weekend. It was my initial plan to spend the whole week end
at home. But it was not possible, during Saturday I craved for pasta and milk so I decided to go out and dropped by in a Supermarket to buy my favorite milk and visit Keepsake Restaurant for the second time to try there classic pasta.

(printscreened from my facebook account)

I just realized that all my cravings and this not feeling well mood was all because I have a period after almost 4 months. aha! I’m not regular. So whenever this time comes I am really not the natural me. I have a lot of these syndromes like backpain, cravings and etc.

My Sunday was a bit manageable. I was able to room around the house, go to church, clean some stuffs, and spent the rest of the day surfing the internet but before dinner time, I tried to listen to some youtube tutorials and decided to play guitar.


I actually spent my weekend all alone in our room because my sister had sleepover in my cousins.
It was indeed a restful, full, and musical weekend.hehe. Thank you!


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