Boodle Fight


Had a boodle fight style of dinner yesterday at Blackbeard’s Seafood Island Northshore Grill located in Abreeza with my sisters in the office Ate Bev and Ate April. Quite amaze while looking in their menu. We tried out their Dapitan’s Pride Boodle Fest worth 745 which includes: Crispy coco gin shrimps, San mig clams, Grilled tilapia, Grilled shrimp, Laing, Steamed Crab, Kalkag rice and supposedly Grilled Liempo but instead of liempo we preferred Grilled tuna in observance of Friday of Lent. These are all served in one oversized wooden tray and is really meant for sharing.

Say no to spoon and fork when dining in their restaurant! hehehe. It was just an extreme seafood bonding. So to all of those seafood addict you better try this coz it will surely satisfy your cravings! Thumbs up!


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