An Outback Experience


Lastweek I visited this unique and awesome restaurant named Outback Grill located in Bacaca Road Davao City. I honestly don’t have any idea about this place because it was I think my first time in Bacaca street. Thanks to my officemates Pam, Ate April and Ate Bev for the invitation. Anyway, as soon as u arrived in the entrance, you will noticed this crashed airplane in the external part of the roof and you will better understand why as soon as you seat down in their dinng table. =) The place welcomed us with “Outback Grill – BBQ, burgers, ribs, seafood”. We arrived at around 7:00pm and the cool air will create a fresh, festive old times feeling. My first impression of the place was “a ranch”.


the place displays a lot of memorabilia used way back 1940’s by the Cross family. They have lots of choices to where you want to stay, they have an open garden nesr the stage, they also have 3rdfloor where you will enjoy the overlooking view, they have Cabanas good for 15 persons if you want a more private dining. You can also observe that most of the decorations are related to things you can see in the jungle like wild animals, leaves etc. These are all related to what the Cross family has experienced before. The origin of the restaurant can be read through their paper placemat used when dining in their restaurant.


We tried their family set menu worth worth 775php which includes: outback chicken, chopsuey, outback kinilaw, pork sinigang and a pitcher of coca cola.


Although the owners are both foreigners the food was very Filipino and whatever diet it is that you have you can go on with it but I can’t resist their unlimited rice. I’m just not sure if it’s for all meals.


Our experience was not just about dining it was a total awesome experience. Personally I appreciate so much that since we entered, the festive activities was none stop. It all started with carolings by the service crew to the customers, then followed by consecutive dance performances, and then after that while waiting for the next fun, their live band plays followed by the hot and fascinating fire dancing presentation. I was so amaze and overwhelmed seeing firedancing upclose and personal. I would like to comeback to experience again the festive and fun activities. I just do not know the schedules of their events. Sorry for those lacking informations. We were lucky to try and took picture holding the firedance prop. I just can’t stop from smiling all the throughtout my stay. It was indeed a perfect place for family’s and friend’s get together.

PS-I highly recommend this Dabawenyoys! and to all out there.


3 thoughts on “An Outback Experience

  1. hello abby thanks for d visit.. planning to try it once again hopefully next week.. anyway, I first read your MEET THE FOODLE page and I think your blog is perfect for me and my friends.. haha taga davao gyud ka? basahon na nq imung outback grill review.. thanks again. 🙂


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