Bucketlist #95- Checked!

Meet Papa Jack:


It’s been more than a year since I started to listen to this man. I remember it was during those times where I am (not broken hearted huh) it was during my unemployed days hehe. I actually saw him sometimes in television and know that he’s a DJ but I didn’t know that he’s a popular one. I mean he is that famous. I find him ” bastos” at times but it’s he’s sincerity that has made  me a regular listener of his radio show and because of that I included him in my bucketlist because personally I learn a lot from him. Although I never tried and even thought to be his caller, every conversation he had with his callers has been beneficial to me in some ways and I’m thankful enough for that.  I have my love problems as well when I started listening to him and even until now, and with Papa Jack’s “practical ideas” it helps you understand better how to balance  situations. We hear advices from our friends and gain empathy but with Papa Jacks’s straight to the point advices, hold your breath because most of the time “IT’S THE TRUTH”.

Today he went here in Davao City for a book signing of his book entitled: “Everything I Need To Know  About Love I Learned From Papa Jack” and ofcourse it’s  not everyday you get this chance so when he announced this schedule I immediately bought his book and TODAY WAS PERFECT.

Thank you for the chance 90.7 Love Radio Manila, 90.7 Love Radio Davao,  Summit Books, National Book Store, Gaisano Mall of Davao and ofcourse Papa Papa Papa Jack… =)  2 Thumbs up!

P.S 1: Special thanks to Che Che who’s very supportive in achieving this bucketlist. Thanks for being  my photographer and buddy for the whole day.

P.S 2: Listen to Papa Jack’s show in 90.7 Love Radio entitled True Love Conversations and Wild Confessions from 9:00pm- 2:00am every Monday to Friday

P.S. 3: For my complete list of Bucketlist please click here


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