Bucketlist #69: Go to mall in shorts CHECKED!

Today is Philippines’ Independence Day, a very significant event for all the Filipinos:) It was indeed meaningful personally because another bucketlist has been achieved! Base on the title of this post, believe it or not it was really my first time to wear shorts in a mall.

Actually I wasn’t comfortable the whole day wearing this but I SURVIVED.. hahaha I feel like I’m just really less confident because of my size and height but never mind, I just got home and I don’t care anymore unless those hundreds or maybe thousands of people I saw in the mall knew me. I don’t think so. heheh:)
So much for that, I so enjoyed this day not just because of this bucketlist achievement but also I had a very good bonding with my college friends Monic and Richelle:)




It was also a coincidence that they’re both wearing shorts so I wasn’t a loner though.hehe
We had lunch at Tokyo Tokyo restaurant:

and after the long walk for a window shopping, we had our snack and chat time at Starbucks Coffee:


Thank you girls and until next time:)



“Stay pretty everyone because you are”


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