Ti Amo in Tea’ amo

(photo above: credits to official facebook account of Tea’amo)
I always see this little little store everytime I pass by Tionko Avenue here in Davao City. My sister was the one who told me about their “post-it corner” that made me more excited and interested but never really had the chance to visit this place until one night I and my cousin got nothing to do so I decided to finally check this shop out.


Tea Amo Tea and Coffee Shop offer milk teas, coffees, and milk shakes. You can purchase these drinks for only 80php-130php only. They also offer meals and snacks not higher than 150php. The areas was not that big, it was perfectly cozzy but I think they are planning to extend and open new branch and for sure tea lovers are excited for this.
I was actually planning to buy milk tea but hesitated because I am not sure with what flavor to choose so I decided to go for Mango Milk Shake and Cold Coffee Latte for my cousin. We also added some fries and chicken. The food was delicious and just enough for our tummies:)

I so like the set up of the place especially the cute decorations and arrangement of furnitures. They also had this mini library and the one that I really wanted to see is the "post-it corner". But I think, they already remove some post its because it was not that exactly the same when I check photos in the internet before visiting this shop. Nevertheless, it was still cool and attractive.





To all milk tea, coffee and milk shake lovers, this is a must try place. I plan to visit here again with a milk shake on my table soon and hopefully the soonest possible time I can:)
This was my first time so I’d like to say Thank you to the crews and thank you also for the yummy food and drinks we got.

Anyone of you who already visit this place? Can you suggest their best milk tea? Thanks!


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