GOOD bye


It’s been one year and almost eight months since I was employed. From basics, I slowly understand better everything about my job and ofcourse get closer to the people I work with. I feel like I am in my second family everytime I am with them. It feels so good when listening to their advices work or even non work related. As I slowly have bigger responsibilities, I also witness how everything changes so fast. I admit that I am an idealistic person. At first, I see my team as a very strong one, I am with intelligent people and I work with these prety and humble individuals. So I thought that everyone are happy, satisified and contented. But as days pass by, people are slowly leaving the team. I really was demotivated, disappointed, sad and I feel weak. I don’t understand why is this happening and even ask if does it really need to happen? Having these on my mind, I became too emotional and discourage. Maybe because, basically I am easily attached to people I am with everyday, and also maybe because this is my first job that could be one of the reasons why I am feeling that way.
I told some of my officemates bout how and what I feel. After hearing their advices, I realize that It’s too selfish to think that you are sad because they will leave you. Sometimes, we should let go people especially if you know it’s their decision that would make them feel happy. It is so sad, to think that you won’t be able to see them everyday but life is always like that what matters are the memories left that inspires you to continue, learn and appreciate while you have each other. Saying goodbye has always been sad but for sure it does not end up there always. We need to mov and risk so we could come across again someday.

I’ll be missing so much my workmates who are already not in the team anymore. You are all an inspiration to me and Thank you so much for the good we shared. See you anywhere, hehe. Mwah!

in the photo above: Ate Bev’s last day in work- one of my sisters in the office, my jogging mate, food buddy and ate. Thank you for the times you fetch me when it seems I can’t finish the oval and running again with me until I reach the finish line:) This is so hard but I know everything’s gonna be okey! God bless to all of us.


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