One Early Sunday





Revisiting Shrine Hills Church located in Matina Davao City. I think it was 10 years ago since I went here. Ofcourse, it brings back old memories that makes you happy. I think the place stayed just the same as what I saw years ago and I like it. Me and my friend Ramfel attended the Holy Mass at 6:30am. It was just so perfect and calm hearing this Eucharistic Celebration early in the morning. I miss this and I’d like to thank Ramfel for his time and companion:)

After the mass, Ramfel treated me for a breakfast at Sinangag Express located in Torres St. Davao City.











But I actually asked for a free breakfast and demanded Sinangag express. hehe Sometimes you just have this spoiled attitude to your friends and I’m lucky enough to also have buddies who tolerate you hehe.
As you can see in the photos above the place is so Pinoy in style. The jeepney design makes it cool and attractive. The place was quite small but the good news is they are open 24hours:) So to all out there who likes to eat breakfast meal anytime of the day, it’s a must try restaurant. The food was just okey and it ranges from 60-100php each. Inside you can see different road signs, and cute wall decorations in which I enjoyed so much reading.

I’d like to thank Ramfel for the treat! đź’‹ . To the one reading this, have you been here as well?


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