A friends’ visit here in Davao City:

DAY 1:
At Penong’s Retstaurant Sta. Ana Street Davao City for grilled foods with Jusel the visitor and her cousin Abegail, me and ofcourse Ramfel:)

Dessert will always be sweeter after the heavy dinner:)
At Ice Giant still in Sta. Ana Street Davao City

Chocolate Temptation.Mango Ice Giant.Root Beer.

DAY 2:
Pizza and Panna Cotta for snacks at Pizza Hut SM Lanang Premiere Davao City still with the visitor Jusel and the guides Ramfel and me.

It’s movie time. We watched AFTERSHOCK, and it was such a very traggic movie.:(

Although we ended up with a not so happily ever after movie, I’m still thankful for experience we had. I miss my high school friends so much and our laughters (jusel, ramfel and me) reminds me of everyone in the group. Thanks also for the treat Jusel and hoping for the best for you. Mwah!

After the treats by a friend, it’s time for me to also treat my family:

At Tokyo-Tokyo Restaurant with Auntie Nenen, Ate Frech and cousin Lotlot for a Japanese Bento dinner.

This was such a one full Saturday with family and friends. 😀😀😀 Thanks everyone!


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