Confirmed by Laureen Uy

And finally I can now post this! haha maybe your wonderin’ why but seriously I was trying to create a very nice blog post for this beautiful girl I look up to. Ideally I want this blog to be written perfectly but it seemed like almost a month ago has passed and I can’t gather all those pretty words I want to say. You know that I am far from being a good one when it comes to grammar. So bear with me ‘coz I’ll just go with my thoughts of how I exactly felt when it happened. I’ll try…

Just a few months ago when I started to follow her on instagram. I only knew her as sister of the fashion designer Liz Uy, as Amethyst of the teleserye My Binondo Girl and nothing else. Later then I know that she’s into fashion as well just like her sister and it all started there. I find her style simple and yet very attractive. Since then, I kept on reading her blog post even the old ones at Excite and amaze are what I feel everytime I received an update about her outfit, fashion advices and all. I am referring to Ms. Laureen Uy.

Two months later when I saw an advertisement in a mall that she’s visiting Davao and voilà I feel like its not everyday you get to see your idol so when I read that it’s a meet and greet event I was too confident to join in their online contest. The mechanics was just to tag a photo on instagram showing ur OOTD (Outfit Of The Day) and if you will be chosen, you’ll get a gate pass for the meet and greet event. Unfortunately, I was not selected but not a big deal for me because it was an initial plan already to watch the event just to see her personally even without getting up close to her. Lucky me that I was scheduled to join the Office Etiquette Training on the same day of the event because I know it won’t take so long and we’re allowed to leave early from work as long as the training ends:)

Dated July 19, 2013 the event entitled Lookbook Live held in SM Lanang Davao started 6:00pm and during that time I was still in the jeepney feeling so annoyed with the heavy traffic. I arrived at the venue around 6:30pm and still lucky to catch the event. The fashion show was on going that time showcasing the models designed by David Guison and Laureen Mae Uy. A few minutes after, Ms. Laureen Uy showed up and I was so happy to actually see her and hear her talk live.
The fashion show wasn’t that too long and as soon as it ended the host announced that those who got there passess may start to fall in line near the stage. So I just feel like, it’s fine because I already saw her but what got me the luckiest girl that time was when the host followed up another announcement saying that others who don’t have gate pass can still fall in line for the meet and greet. I feel like having a super power speed that time only to realize I was already third from the first one falling in line hahaha.


(photo above is owned by Ms. Laureen Uy)

You know that feeling when you just can’t talk continuously and all I want to do is to hug and kiss (beso) the one you look up to. I grabbed that moment to told Ms. Lau that I am also into fashion and I like to dress up but it’s all cheap finds fashion like ukay-ukay. What really touches was her response saying “Okay lang ‘yon”. Those three words meant a lot and to make it more clearer to you all in Filipino “tagos sa puso” talaga ‘yon. It was actually a confirmation for me to go on and how dressing up can help you express yourself. Hearing it straight from one of the Philiipine’s top fashion blogger means so much to me. Natulala lang ako and for the second time I then hug her and took a picture with her then exit. (Medyo nahiya na rin ako sa mga nakapila pa hehe)

What happened during that night didn’t end up just there. The next day, I sent her an email telling her how much what she said meant to me and can you believe it she replied. Again , CONFIRMING me:) she said “Hi there! Thanks so much for sendin’ me an email pa- oo naman, you can still dress fashionably kahit hindi mahal gamit mo, just keep experimenting 🙂 Take care!” and then I melted😅

I could say that our personal and online conversation was a landmark:) Before I thought that fashion is just for rich people or for super stars only. Maybe because of those expensive and branded clothes they wore. After what Ms. Lau said, I feel like I want to know more of me and it seems like fashion is one way of helping me through it. According to Ms. Lau, “dress up wisely”, so I take into consideration this one:) I’d like to thank Ms. Lau for being so nice and approachable. Continue to inspire people like me and stay simply beautiful.

P.S. 1: Maybe I was’nt able to met my goal in making this post awesome but really, I am definitely inspired and so thankful.

P.S. 2: Just a fan girl:)


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