New Look: Ombré Hair

Ever since I was a kid I have always been particular with how my hair should look, how it is to be styled or coiffured, the cut and the color. I remember during high school days when I always say to my friends that black and long straight hair is always and will never be out of trend. So I wanted it that way and it lasted until college. But with the changes I am experiencing this year, I think I became braver to try out things I don’t usually do before like coloring my hair. Last year was my first time to try coloring it and it ended up me, my sister and friends loving the effect and result of it.

This time, its also coloring but it’s more of what I call “risking”. Its something new and different for me, it’s ombré hair! This post is for all of you who are sending some messages and comments on my facebook account asking about this new hair of mine. I am proud to say that this is a DIY (Do It Yourself) process. So bear with me because I am not professional in hair coloring, but let me say that I have spent almost 2 months of researching and watching videos and asking about this. So I hope I did it right.

What does ombré mean?
According to Merriam Webster Dictionary,
having colors or tones that shade into each other — used especially of fabrics in which the color is graduated from light to dark

Why DIY?
I risk for DIY because the prices from the Salon I ask online ranges from 3,000php to 3,500php and I don’t have enough budget for that big amount. To others, who has enough budget, I suggest you try those Salon who do ombré because they have waxing treatment so your hair won’t get dry fast. But to those who don’t have enough budget like me, you risk! hahaha

Products used:


> Hortaleza Hair Bleach Powder
– available in all hbc store
> D.R. Hortaleza Oxidizing Cream (12%)
– also available in D.R. Hortaleza branches. Mine was bought in Manila and I’m not sure if they have branches outside Luzon.


> Monea Hair Bleach Powder
– available in all NCCC (Davao) health and beauty aid department. I got two bleaching powder and oxidizer because one sachet of hortaleza bleaching powder and oxidizer we’re not enough with my long and thick hair. I am not sure if its healthy to use different brands but then again, it’s all about risking. hehe
> Monea Oxidizing Cream (9%)
– also available in all NCCC (Davao) health and beauty aid department


> Epsa Hair Coloring (Intense Coffee Brown)
> Epsa Oxidizing Solution

Things to prepare:

20130910-000216.jpg> Old towel
> Hair Coloring Brush
> Hair Color Plastic Container
> Gloves
> Foil
> Scissors



Cut your hair in your desired length and style. For me ombré effect would be emphasized if you have long layered hair. So I ask my sister to just trim it and to create a 2 layered effect, I sectioned my hair horizontally and cut the upper layer shorter than the lower one.


Mix the bleaching powder and its oxidizer. One sachet of bleaching powder is to one bottle of oxidizer. Apply it to the desired part of hair. Since I want a 3 shade effect of ombré (from Dark brown to medium light brown to lighter brown) be sure you calculate the time needed in each part of your hair. Bleaching powder is use to lighten your hair, so the longest the bleaching powder stays in your hair the lightest the effect. I think the tip part of my hair was bleached for almost one hour, the medium brown was 45 minutes and the dark brown was 30 minutes. To save time, you bleached first the lowest part of hair and cover it with foil so you can start with the center part then the upper one. Foil is use to avoid the sectioned part of hair mixed with other section. After the desired color is achieved with the upper shade, remove the foil and wash it first. And just the same with the second shade, if desired color has been achieved, remove also the foil and wash it. The lower part should be the last one to be uncovered and washed since it should be bleached the longest to achieved the lightest effect. When desired shade is achieved, dry your hair.



20130910-000650.jpgMix hair coloring and its oxidizing solution. I choose this intense coffee brown color because I knew that my hair will be bleached first so the effect won’t be too bright. Apply the hair coloring into the bleached part of hair. Be sure that you sectioned your hair and put the hair coloring evenly. If you are already satisfied with the color you can wash and dry your hair and your done but In my case, I wasn’t satisfied with the effect first. It was like a trial and error process. I did a little bit bleaching in the second and lowest part to achieved the 3 tone effect.

Until I finally achieved this:

I so love the effect and I always take pride with DIY stuffs I have. Some where surprised with my new look because it was quite attractive to some of my friends since its not common with us and some were also surprise since they know me as a girl with long straight black hair 🙂 but then again, changes and transitions are happening these past few months and I think it’s part of me becoming mature:)

So how do you find my DIY OMBRE HAIR?

P.S. 1- A waxing treatment and intense conditioning is advised after ombreing your hair, since the bleach will surely make your hair dry.

P.S. 2 – I know this is out of the season look but I risk for this just because I feel like August is my my summer (wink) I’ll be posting it soon!

P.S. 3 – Special thanks to my sister for the assistance:)

P.S. 4 – all photos above are the original shots and none were edited:)


11 thoughts on “New Look: Ombré Hair

  1. love the changes you made to yourself joule. keep it up! change is good as long as it’s for the better. it only makes you more comfortable in your own skin. in some ways, i feel that you have become more mature and it only made you more fearless in the choices you’re making.

    p.s. you look gorgeous in that long, ombred (not really sure if ombre can be a verb, hah!lol) hair of yours 🙂

    kudos and miss you much joule! kimi o aishiteru!


  2. hello…love this article…I’ll use one of your photos ( the one where you mix the bleaching powder and oxidizing cream ).I’ll use it to the article that Im creating right now about bleaching and dyeing hair because I forgot to take a picture of it hehehe.Don’t worry, I’ll mention you to my blog…thanks in advance..

    hope you’ll take time to visit my blog.


    • hi actually it was just a gift from a friend..and i also don’t have any idea where did she bought it.. however, there are a lot of online store selling epsa hair color..maybe that would help.. thanks much beth for dropping by:)


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